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Hi ! My name is Pam. I am the brain behind heldenstuff.
I am a designer, a thinker and a maker. I live and work in Berlin.
heldenstuff – stuff for heroes – started as a little side project and has been grown ever since.

Pam at the Lychi youth club.

For the past eight years I also have been working as a trainer and climbing instructor at a youth club.

explore the outdoors

I have been grown up at the foot of the black forest. Up on the hills and deep down in the valleys I feel at home.
I love roaming the outdoors with my dog. But if we want to keep exploring this amazing planet, we have to protect it and live a sustainable lifestyle.
I am not perfect and I don't have to be. I just try my best each day and every day a little bit more.
heldenstuff is a small venture and I am responsible for everything you see and read here. But I wouldn't be able to do it without the support and the help of my family, my friends and some very talented and smart people.

Thank you!
Yours Pam

More me on Instagram @pam.heldenstuff .

sustainable lifestyle


style and sustainability

We create and appreciate products that are well made. We also care about the people and the planet, and we try to leave the smallest possible footprint. That is why our product range is organic and fair. Here are our partners – they have the ethics, the style and the quality we are looking for.

Rapanui and Teemill
Rapanui and Teemill

Rapanui and Teemill

Rapanui is an award-winning eco-fashion brand from the UK.
Their Teemill project has made it possible for small independent brands like us to have access to an ethical and sustainable supply chain. heldenstuff partnered with Rapanui in 2016. They make some great quality shirts for us and ship them worldwide directly to you. Have a look at our Teemill store.

Stanley & Stella
Stanley & Stella

Stanley & Stella

Stanley and Stella was born in 2012. A committed and certified brand with a new way of thinking and producing. They make clothes with respect for people, nature and the environment. Our first choice for our screen-printed small edition graphic shirts. For more information about the brand visit Stanley & Stella .


Makers of knives since 1890. These classic knives are built from wood and steel only. For more information visit the official Opinel website.

AURO Natural Paints

Auro is a manufacturer of ecological paints, wood care and cleaning products. The raw materials used in their products are based on plants and minerals only. Auro Natural Paints are completely bio-degradable.
For painting the wooden handles of our knives we use Auro Natural Paints No. 250 and No. 261 . These paints are water-based, solvent-free, non-toxic, hard-wearing, earth-friendly and vegan. For more information about these natural paints visit Auro .

a man and a woman enjoying outdoor adventures


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