poop and fire


user manual

Every time we are out and about, we try our best to stick to this code of ethics:

• Prepare your hiking adventures. Pack everything you personally will need. Make yourself more knowledgeable about the place you want to visit. When it comes to comfort and conditions make smart decisions.
• Find a great spot, stay for a while and enjoy what nature has to offer. But before you set off, always take some time to naturalize the area. Leave the place as undisturbed and intact as you have found it or how it should be.
• Stay away from sensitive areas. Use established trails, walk lightly and leave everything on either side of the path unscathed. Don't trample all over the wildlife.
• Choose your tent site well. Minimize your impact and keep it small. A good campsite is found, not made. If you leave an established campsite, make sure that it is clean and appealing for the other campers who follow.
• Control your fire .
• Keep all waters clean. Don't pollute rivers, streams, lakes or the ocean. Don't bathe or pee in someones drinking water.
• Use the forest squat toilet the proper way.
• Respect all human and nonhuman earth-dwellers.
• Value the silence! Keep the noise down. Don't disturb anyone or anything with your music or your low flying drone.
• Pack out all your trash and garbage and pick up any litter you find .
• Don't remove, displace, disfigure or destroy what you find. Don't pick wild flowers, break off branches or carve your name into trees. Don't stack rocks or spray paint cliffs. Don't take any souvenirs.
• Swim with the fishes and howl with the wolves. It is easier to protect what you fell in love with and learned to respect.

Join the pack

If you want to join us in our quest, follow these simple instructions:
Hike out into the forest, put your hand on a spruce tree and swear the oath –
I respect this space and solemnly vow, to leave these woods a better place!

Please send me an email if you do have a question:
spruceup ⓐ heldenstuff . red
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