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things built by Pam

Hi ! My name is Pam. I am the brain behind heldenstuff.
I am a designer, a thinker and a maker.

I love building things with my own hands. Here are some of my projects.

custom race bike
custom bike
customized singlespeed bike

I like to design and assemble my own bikes.

Wood is my favorite material to work with. Each piece of timber has its own texture and character.

diy dog bed
customized dog bed

This dog bed is made from reclaimed materials.

restored and customized vintage Opinel knife

I restored and customized this vintage Opinel No. 8 I found at a flea market. I cleaned, tightened and sharpened the blade, heat colored the ring and repainted the handle. You can find more customized pocket knives here .

alcohol stove

A lightweight alcohol stove made from a soda can.

puzzle box
DIY puzzle box
puzzle box made from cardboard

I made a puzzle box out of old cardboard. It has a simple locking mechanism and a riddle that, if solved, tells you how to open it. A gift certificate for a visit to an escape room was hidden inside.

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