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what I pack onto my back

I am interested in all things outdoor and I love hiking.
Here is what I pack and carry.

hiking with a dog
outdoor kitchen

№ 002 | WANDADOG

hiking adventures for dogs and their human friends

We love to roam and try to get away from the busy city life as often as possible.

dog on a hike wearing a backpack
hiking tour with a dog

Here are our favorite hiking tours in and around Berlin that you might enjoy too.


DIY project

An alcohol stove is a minimalist and lightweight cooking system for backpacking, bicycle touring and hiking. They are easy to make and a great addition to every backpacking kit.

building an alcohol stove
a burning alcohol stove

Here is a simple instruction on how to build your own mini stove .

building an alcohol stove
a burning alcohol stove

An alcohol stove is as easy to use as it is to build one. Nevertheless, every camping stove should be handled with care, caution and common sense. Here are some tips and tricks .


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