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If you are a hero, a rebel or a wild thing – we make these shirts for you. Get yours here .

skull T-shirt
tiger T-shirt
skull T-shirt
skull T-shirt


The 13 black cats T-shirt
the 13 black cats stuntmen
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twelve men and one woman

They were a troupe of fearless aviators and daredevil stuntmen who turned the sky over 1920s Los Angeles into their playground. During the great depression, millions of people were out of work. Jobs were scarce and pilots were struggling to make ends meet. Stunt work and barnstorming offered an easy but dangerous solution. For a handful of dollars the thirteen would plunge from the sky to perfom their terrific tricks and stunning maneuvers.

The tail of every airplane and their shirts were decorated with their logo – the number 13 and a hissing black cat. Blessed with nine lucky lives they defied the oods and cheated death.

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Hangar 13 T-shirt
Hangar 13


The student job

While studying at the Academy I worked the graveyard shift at the Parasite Control 75. One of the most dreaded sites we tried to clean was the abandoned Hangar 13. The administration kept the whole complex secret and locked away from the public eye. The slugs there were gigantic and very aggressive. We didn't have the equipment to deal with those big bad buggers, but had to go in anyway. A lot of people got wounded and some never returned. Everyone feared and hated the place, except for Rina. She volunteered every single time.

I got injured at my third trip to the Hangar. I never returned to the job after that night. The scars on my back still hurt when the weather is changing. Sometimes I wonder what Rina is up to. She is probably still down there, shooting the whole place to pieces and enjoying every moment of it. I hope she does. Someone on the job has to stop the beasts from getting out and eating the rest of us.

Are you sure you can handle those slimy huggers? You really think you can keep up with Rina? You have been warned! Get the T-shirt here .

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A handful of our favorite graphics turn into your favorite T-shirts. These designs are screen printed by hand in a little printing shop in Kreuzberg.
We choose water based inks and garments made from organic or recycled materials.

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